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small but mighty

Specially formulated recipes made to support a small dog’s specific needs.

tailored nutrition for small dogs

Small dogs (20 lbs and under) have unique nutritional needs, and Freshpet has a special product
line formulated by vets to offer the best nutritional profile for small breed dogs.

nutrient density

Small breed dogs typically have a faster metabolism compared to larger breeds. Freshpet’s calorically dense fresh food recipes are perfect for their high energy needs.

quality ingredients

Small breed dogs may benefit from a higher protein content in their diet to support their higher metabolic rate, muscle mass, and overall energy requirements. Real meat is the 1st ingredient in all Freshpet small dog recipes.

smaller pieces

Small breed dogs may prefer and benefit from smaller pieces of food that are easier for them to chew and swallow, so Freshpet’s line of small dog meals are bite-sized for little mouths.

unlock tips, new recipes, & more for your small dog

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not sure what recipe is right for your small pet?

Fresh food is a better option for pets because the recipes are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, naturally found in the high quality ingredients; not sprayed or added to animal by-products.

Dr. Aziza Glass, Veterinarian

reviews from real pet-parents

  • Review image

    Yorkie Approved!

    Recently tried this product for my VERY PICKY yorkie that will usually only try something once.. she has been eating daily and LOVES it!!! Very convenient and healthy! So glad i found it! And i can get it from my local grocery store which makes it very easy! Looking forward to trying more!

    Opal, verified pet parent

  • Review image

    2 thumbs WAY up!!

    My 13 year old Bichon Archie had some teeth removed, and I could tell that the hard kibble he used to eat was hurting him. I decided to try the Freshpet Small Dog Chicken recipe and he just loved it...Us dog owners don't mind spending more if their furry friend benefit....It's going to be Freshpet going forward!

    DanArchie, verified pet parent

  • Review image

    The ONLY dog food my little guy will eat!

    We have had our little rescue pup for almost 2 years and we struggled to find a dog food that he would eat consistently. Then we tried the "small dog" version of FreshPet Select and he is asking for his dinner every night! Thank you!

    DisneyGal, verified pet parent

  • Review image

    Peanut my ChiChi

    Peanut is allergic to grain and as a small dog I worries about her getting the best food possible to ensure her energy levels stay high and she has a happy long life. Freshpet for small dogs grain free is doing just that! She won't eat anything else!

    Sarah, pet parent to ChiChi

  • Review image

    Best dog food

    My dog loves this food!! He has so much more energy than before. He is 13 years young. I would definitely recommend this food.

    Pet parent to Bailey

  • Review image

    awesome food

    I have a 4 year old 1.5lbs micro teacup chihuahua. She has many digestive issues and allergies This food really helps her out since it's fresh and all natural. I will never go back to canned food ever. This solved all her issues.


  • Review image

    My dog is eating like when he was a puppy!

    Our Westie, Rocky, is 15 and isn’t very interested in eating his normal food. So we tried Freshpet and we are so happy we did. He now loves to eat and it makes him so happy. Thank you for making our Senior boy excited to eat again.


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