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all recipes from our landfill-free kitchens are thoughtfully produced to conserve natural resources

Estimated impact of Freshpet’s sustainability initiatives in 2022.


Metric tons of CO2e emissions prevented from cardboard recycling


Gallons of water saved from cardboard recycling


Trees saved from cardboard recycling


Metric tons of CO2e emissions prevented from our renewable energy commitment


Tons of solids removed from our wastewater


Metric tons of CO2e emissions prevented from filtering our wastewater

there’s no such thing as “waste” water

All Freshpet's wastewater is filtered by our on-site treatment facilities, which remove residual vegetables, meat and fat from cooking. These systems reduce our burden on the local waste treatment facility and help minimize our carbon footprint by disposing the organic waste via anaerobic digestion rather than landfilling. Our Kitchen in Ennis, TX cleans its wastewater so thoroughly that it can be re-used in the cooling system. This will save up to 50 million gallons of water per year.


irrigating with rain water

We harvest rainwater at our Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA to irrigate our landscape, including the trees we’ve planted. Our underground reservoirs hold almost half a million gallons of which is used to irrigate 62,000 sq. ft of landscaping.

reducing stormwater runoff

Harvesting rainwater helps reduce storm water runoff from our property. This lightens peak flow loads to local waters, and helps avoid streambank erosion.

less contamination

Reduced runoff means less surface water contamination from pesticides, sediment, metals, and fertilizers.

we’re committed to using renewable energy

The Kitchens where our food is made, and the fridges where you find it, use electricity generated by renewable wind or solar energy. That’s helping reduce our CO2 footprint and achieve our goal of carbon neutrality.

clean wind energy

Freshpet purchased 69,124 MWh of renewable electricity in 2022. This reduces our carbon footprint and supports a more sustainable electric grid.

energy efficient fridges

Our Freshpet chillers use the latest technology including LED lighting, highly efficient compressors, and non-ozone depleting refrigerant. As a result they use less electricity than a 100 watt lightbulb and up to 91% less energy than our older chillers.

freshpet’s head of sustainability

Justin Joyner's photo

Justin Joyner

Sustainability Lead

sourcing ingredients with care

We strongly support the local farmers close to our Freshpet Kitchens whose labor and environmental practices align with ours. Locally sourcing our fresh ingredients also helps contribute to the well-being of our community, uses less transportation, and makes less waste. What’s good for our neighbors is good for our world, too.

Freshpet products

Nature’s Fresh®

We use humanely raised, vegetarian-fed, and GAP-rated chicken and turkey, and sustainably grown, antioxidant-rich spinach and carrots in our delicious recipes. Plus, they’re grass-fed beef.

we use up to 20X less packaging than other brands

This number is based on the amount of food it takes to feed a 30lb dog daily.

Freshpet: 2–10g

Freshpet’s packaging is strong, light, and efficient requiring only 2–10g of packaging per 30lb dog per day.

Wet Food Competitors: 80-120g

The wet food of other brands use between 80–120g of packaging per 30 lb dog per day. Typical wet food cans and plastic tubs require much more material to provide the same nutrition.

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