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Specially formulated recipes made to support a growing dog’s specific needs.

your growing puppy deserves the best start

As pet parents, we want to set our puppies up for success in life – and proper nutrition is key for starting your pup on the right paw! Puppies require higher calories and protein to fuel their busy lives and DHA and EPA fatty acids for optimal brain development and immune function. Luckily, Freshpet has your puppy covered.

slow-cooked to seal in flavor & nutrients

At Freshpet, we are committed to creating recipes that are as nutritious as they are enjoyable. We believe that how foods are cooked is just as important as the ingredients used. This is why we never use heavy processing practices or meat meals for our recipes. Instead, we gently steam real chicken, beef, and turkey to ensure the nutritional integrity from start to finish.

formulated to help your puppy flourish

Newborn puppies get all the DHA and vitamins they need from their mother’s milk, but once they are fully weaned, they must meet their nutritional requirements through their food — this is why feeding your dog a complete and balanced pet food like Freshpet is so important!

recipes to suit every puppy

Freshpet has two expertly crafted recipes just for puppies, and our Vital and Small Dog lines are also formulated with added DHA and EPA to nourish your dog through puppyhood and beyond.

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reviews from real pet-parents

  • Review image

    Lola and Max love Freshpet

    We have a picky 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier and a nine month old Yorkie puppy so we need to please two palates. Your food does the trick! We have tried chicken and beef versions for small dogs and the slicing varieties of chicken and steak. I love that the veggies are visible and our dogs eat them. My vet wanted them to eat more than just protein and this food works!

    Kateamir, pet parent

  • Review image

    Libby loves

    We bought our new puppy Libby your Freshpet and she inhaled it like a vacuum. Poof Gone.

    JB, pet parent to Libby

  • Review image

    Great Puppy Food

    I have a 6 month old Morkie who I started on Blue Buffalo Puppy wet and dry food. For awhile he would eat both but then stopped. He was having loose poop thought it was teething but after changing to this food no more loose stools and he eats every bit. I’m on my 2nd tube of it and he loves it as much as he did before. Thank you Freshpet Puppy.

    Cassandra, pet parent

  • Review image

    Great food for my puppy

    I found puppy Freshpet a month ago and I’m so glad I did. If you have a spaniel then you know they are prone to rear end gland issues. Since my puppy started Freshpet puppy those problems are completely gone. I am so thankful for your quality product, Freshpet.

    pet parent to Butter

  • Review image

    My Compliments to the Chef

    Our newest addition to the family "Diesel" wanted to send a shout out and thank your team for always having his favorite food available at the stores. After a lot of research we determined Freshpet was best food and Diesel totally agrees.

    Janet, pet parent to Diesel

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