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The Science of Freshpet: What Sets Us Apart in the Pet Food Industry

The scientific benefit of Freshpet can be broken down into three categories: Our high-quality ingredients, our innovative cooking methods, and our commitment to freshness. To better understand what sets us apart from the pet food industry, let’s take a look at each of these categories more closely.

High-quality ingredients are the cornerstone of nutrition

The science of Freshpet begins with our ingredients. We believe that high-quality ingredients are the cornerstone of nutrition, which is why each of our recipes is made with the same quality of ingredients you’d find in your own home-cooked meal.

Shifting from shelf-stable kibble to recipes made from fresh ingredients can have a noticeable positive impact on your pet’s overall health. Fresh, whole foods are rich in essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients are vital for overall health, supporting functions such as:

  • Immune system health
  • Energy production
  • Cellular repair

Our team of veterinarian nutritionists ensures that each recipe is formulated to provide balanced nutrition for pets. This means that when you choose Freshpet, you know that every meal will include the right mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to meet the dietary needs of your pet.

The innovative cooking methods behind your pet’s favorite recipe

Since pet food was first developed, the cooking process has been fairly consistent. Meat, or more commonly, meat by-products, grains, and vegetables are ground into a mixture and then cooked using a process called extrusion. This process uses a combination of heat, pressure, and steam to shape and cook the kibble.

The mixture is pushed through an extruder, a machine that shapes and cooks the food. After this, it’s dried and a coating is added to increase the kibble's flavor and palatability – it can also include additional nutrients that were lost during the extrusion process.

While this process is certainly efficient, efficiency isn’t everything. This is why in October 2006, we set out on a mission to revolutionize the way pets are fed. At the core of this mission – and another facet of the science of Freshpet – is an emphasis on minimal processing.

Freshpet stands out from the rest of the pet food industry because our recipes are gently steamed at moderate temperatures to protect the integrity of the ingredients. This cooking process is less intensive than the extrusion process used for dry kibble, which helps to retain the natural flavors, textures, and nutritional value of the ingredients.

Our innovative cooking methods also help our recipes maintain a high moisture content. Proper hydration is critical to your pet’s overall health, especially in their senior years!


Our commitment to freshness

The science of Freshpet doesn’t stop at our ingredients or cooking methods – it also extends to the measures we take to ensure the freshness of each recipe.

After each recipe is sealed, it’s sent directly to the fridge. Refrigeration helps preserve the freshness of the ingredients used in our recipes and is also one of the reasons that make us stand out in the pet food industry.

The science of Freshpet is a testament to our dedication to providing pets with nutrition that goes beyond the ordinary. By focusing on high-quality ingredients, adopting innovative cooking methods, and ensuring the freshness of each meal through vacuum sealing and refrigeration, we aim to revolutionize the way pets are fed.

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