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Freshpet for Active Dogs: Fueling Your Active Pup's Lifestyle

written by Tori Holmes

Active dogs have different nutritional needs than their less active counterparts. Providing them with the right nutrients is crucial for maintaining their energy levels and supporting strong muscles in all stages of their life. Let’s take a closer look at what an active dog’s diet should contain as well as the best recipes to help them stay energized.

Importance of protein for active dogs

When it comes to the nutritional needs of active dogs, protein plays a big role. Dogs that exert a lot of energy during the day need significantly more protein in their diet for a number of reasons:

●     Muscle maintenance and repair: When dogs engage in regular physical activity, their muscles experience more wear and tear. Protein is essential for repairing and maintaining muscle tissue, so they’ll need to ensure their diet provides enough protein so that their muscles can recover and grow properly.

●     Energy production: Dogs rely on protein to help supply energy to their muscles. While carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for most dogs, protein can serve as an additional energy source, especially during prolonged exercise or when carbohydrate reserves are depleted.

●     Increased metabolism: Active dogs have a higher metabolism due to their increased physical activity. Protein-rich foods can help support this heightened metabolism and provide the necessary nutrients and energy.

●     Protein utilization: During exercise, active dogs have a higher demand for amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Providing a diet with sufficient protein ensures these amino acids are readily available to support muscle function and recovery.

When considering protein options in your pup’s diet, look for those that are highly digestible and contain essential amino acids. Good options include chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, and eggs – all of which you’ll find in our protein-rich Freshpet recipes.

Other key nutritional needs for active dogs

While protein plays a big role in an active dog’s diet, we can’t forget the importance of other essential nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

  • Carbohydrates: Complex carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes and brown rice, are a necessary part of your dog’s diet. This is because these slow-release carbohydrates provide active dogs with a steady source of energy throughout the day.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals are another important part of an active dog’s diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables, like carrots, spinach, and blueberries, can provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed to support your dog's immune system and overall health.
  • Water: Proper hydration is crucial for dogs as it helps maintain proper bodily functions. Active dogs are more likely to become dehydrated so it’s important that their diet has a high moisture content. Freshpet is a great option as our recipes have a moisture content of 72% compared to dry kibble which typically has a moisture content of around 10%.

Now that we have a better idea of what is required in an active dog’s diet, let’s explore the different recipes available for your pup.


Best high-protein recipes for active dogs

We’re excited to offer not one but six different Freshpet recipes designed specifically for dogs that require a high level of protein in their diet. We even have recipes tailored to large breeds, small breeds, and pups that need grain-free diets!


●     Freshpet® Select Multi-Protein Complete meal: This delicious recipe packs a serious protein punch. Your dog will enjoy 100% all-natural chicken, beef, and salmon, as well as sweet potatoes, carrots, and real green beans all in a convenient, ready-to-serve format.

●    Freshpet® Select Multi-Protein Chicken, Beef, Egg & Salmon recipe: Featuring a mouth-watering combination of 100% all-natural chicken, beef, and salmon, along with fresh, fiber-rich sweet potatoes and garden veggies, this roll is a complete and balanced meal.

●   Vital® Grain-Free Multi-Protein Recipe with Cranberries, Spinach, Blueberries & Sweet Potatoes: Verified non-GMO and grain-free, this roll is made of 100% natural fresh chicken, beef, salmon and egg with antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes, blueberries, and cranberries.

●    Vital® Grain-Free Small Breed Multi-Protein Recipe: This easy-to-chew paté roll features a collection of your dog's favorite proteins – chicken, beef, egg, and salmon. We've also added spinach, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin to create an irresistible recipe that's formulated to satisfy the high-energy requirements of smaller breeds.

●     Freshpet® Select Small Dog Multi-Protein Recipe with Sweet Potatoes: Protein-packed with chicken, beef, egg, and salmon, this mouthwatering and nutrient-dense recipe provides smaller dogs with the full spectrum of crucial amino acids they need to stay active and healthy.

●     Freshpet® Select Big Bites Multi-Protein Recipe: This multi-protein recipe is made of big bites with big flavors. Natural chicken, beef, egg, and salmon are complimented with garden veggies and are perfect for large breeds in need of joint and mobility support.


Meeting the nutritional needs of active dogs is crucial for helping them live their happiest lives. If you have any further questions on how you can fuel your active pup’s lifestyle, schedule a call with their vet. They’ll be able to help you put together a diet that meets all of their nutritional needs!

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