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How to Make Mealtime with Freshpet Convenient on the Go

written by Tori Holmes

Especially during the busy summer months, many pet parents wonder how to feed Freshpet on the go. Whether you’re heading out of town on a day trip or taking an extended vacation, we’ve put together our top travel tips to ensure your pet can continue to enjoy their favorite Freshpet recipe.


Pre-portion their food

Before heading out, it’s a good idea to review our feeding guide and divide your pet’s favorite recipe into individual serving sizes. Depending on the recipe, you can find the serving sizes marked as cut lines on the package or on the back panel. On the package, you’ll also see a tailored use-by date which indicates how long after opening it needs to be used:


●     Rolls: 7 days

●     Patties: 5 days

●     Spring & Sprout and Homestyle Creations Bagged Meals: 5 days

●     Freshpet Select, Deli Fresh, and Vital Bagged Meals: 7 days

●     Single Serve: 2 days


After measuring out the necessary number of meals, you can put them in airtight containers and store them in a cooler or portable fridge – ideally, one that maintains a standard temperature of 35º - 40º F. It can also be helpful to label the container with the use-by date, so you don’t forget.


Find the right cooler for your trip

As you know, Freshpet products need to be kept refrigerated to maintain their freshness. If you're going on a short trip, you can store the Freshpet roll in a small cooler or insulated bag with ice packs to keep it cool. For longer trips, however, you might consider using a portable fridge with a car adapter to maintain the desired temperature. Two great options are:

●     AstroAI Car Refrigerator: The AstroAI car refrigerator can cool to as low as 32°F in 15 minutes and comes with an adaptor so you can plug it directly into your car.

●     Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless Cooler Bag: This soft-sided cooler bag cools to 40°F and, like the AstroAI Car Refrigerator, comes with an adaptor to plug directly into your car. If you’re tight on space, this is a great option as it can be collapsed when empty for easy storage.

Being able to keep your pet’s Freshpet at the proper temperature means there’s no problem with serving while you’re on the go.

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Pack necessary supplies

Before you hit the road, make sure that you have all of the supplies necessary to make mealtime on the go as convenient as possible:


●     Collapsible bowls: We know that space can be an issue when you’re traveling, which is why collapsible bowls are a must-have. A great option is the Dexas Popware Double Elevated Pet Feeder because the built-in legs provide a more comfortable standing eating position for your pet. They even have a Collapsible Kennel Bowl in case your pet needs to eat in their kennel.


●     Water dispenser: Hydration is important, especially when you’re on the go in the summer, so be sure to pack a portable water bowl, such as the Gulpy Water Dispenser.


●     Pet-safe wipes: It can also be helpful to pack some pet-safe wipes, such as these multi-purpose wipes by Burt's Bees, in case your pet needs a little bit of a cleanup after mealtime.


●     A spoon or fork: This may seem like a strange addition to the list, but since Freshpet recipes can’t sit out for more than one hour you may need to move food from their collapsible bowl back to the airtight container. Having a spoon or fork available will save you the mess of having to use your hands.


Consider the length of your trip

Each Freshpet recipe has a unique use-by date once opened, but even when left unopened, Freshpet shouldn’t sit in your fridge for an extended period of time. That being said, if you will be traveling for a few weeks at a time, it might be worth investing in a small portable freezer for your car:


●     Alpicool Portable Mini Freezer: This small but powerful freezer freezes to as low as -4°F without the use of ice. It has a capacity of 10 quarts, which is equivalent to approximately eight 18oz water bottles.


Our recipes are at their best when served fresh from the fridge, but there is no issue with freezing them when necessary. You can notice a change in the texture and makeup of the food when you unfreeze it, but the good news is that all of its nutritional value will be retained.


We hope you now have a better idea of how to feed Freshpet on the go. With a little bit of planning, you can ensure that your pet can continue to enjoy their favorite Freshpet recipe no matter where your travels take you!

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