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Real chicken or turkey is the #1 ingredient

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No by-products or artificial flavors

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Smoked to perfection, our turkey bacon treats are the favorite snacks of pups everywhere.

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See what pet-parents are saying about our delicious snacks.

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    We absolutely LOVE these treats! Meenie (aka "Puppy Girl") is 14 and she is the most pickiest eater we have ever had, but this she LOVES! She has always been slightly picky. We have also switched her to the Home Cooked Chicken Recipe for her breakfast and dinner. I swear it has given her more energy... She is almost puppy-like again when she gets treats! Meenie says "Yes mommy and daddy, tell everyone they are yummy!"


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    Finally a treat my dogs will do anything for

    I bought this treat not thinking much because if you have a chihuahua you know they do what they want. Well my 2 little ones behave and search for these treats. I am so happy about these treats. The food is great too of course. These treats are a game changer for behavioral issues like barking.


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    LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️

    My first time with this purchase. My Toy Poodle has always been picky so going through many brands of food and treats were costly of last ten years of his life. BUT NOW! My Poodle hears the sound of the bag opening and runs toward the sound with giving him two daily treats.


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    Only treats I’ll feed my puppy!

    I feel happy when I feed these treats to my puppy bulldog knowing they are healthy and nothing in it I don’t know about. I use all freshpet products For my puppy. And my puppy go NUTS for these treats and meal time! He could be outside dead asleep and if I say wanna come in for a treat he jumps up and runs in!


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    Roxie absolutely loves Freshpet Turkey Bacon

    Roxie inhales her Turkey Bacon and will dance up and down for it.


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    Unbelievable love!!!

    My Walker Coonhound and “Mexi-Mutt” cannot get enough. Heck! The cat loves her lil pieces too! We’ve only used the turkey bacon for a few days and already our Snickers (Coonhound) is standing at the fridge requesting it. (For the record, not a happy pup when I say “not yet”) It’s very l❤️ved in our home! Going to have to buy more, I’m sure. Thanks! Snickers Izzy (and Luuna, too).

    pet parent to Snickers & Izzy

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