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    My dog's favorite

    The excitement for the product is evident, it is devoured in minutes! My dogs have beautiful coats, clear eyes, no digestive or skin issues, are an ideal weight, and are happy & healthy. They have never had diarrhea or thrown up. I keep waiting for that to happen. I attribute it to the quality ingredients and the care that Freshpet puts into their product.


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    We absolutely LOVE these treats! Meenie (aka "Puppy Girl") is 14 and she is the most pickiest eater we have ever had, but this she LOVES! She has always been slightly picky. We have also switched her to the Home Cooked Chicken Recipe for her breakfast and dinner. I swear it has given her more energy... She is almost puppy-like again when she gets treats! Meenie says "Yes mommy and daddy, tell everyone they are yummy!"


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    Picky Maltese loves!

    I have a Maltese who is very picky and has skin allergies. This food is amazing, he loves it as a topper to his dry kibble and finally looks forward to eating! I'm very happy and so is he!


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    Finally a treat my dogs will do anything for

    I bought this treat not thinking much because if you have a chihuahua you know they do what they want. Well my 2 little ones behave and search for these treats. I am so happy about these treats. The food is great too of course. These treats are a game changer for behavioral issues like barking.


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    My German shepherd is pretty picky but since starting her on pet fresh she eats everything! Her coat is soft & shiny since I switched her to fp too! Highly recommend.

    pet parent to Marley Herbert

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    Senior Dog thriving

    I started my senior (13) Corgi on this two months ago. The old dog that was dragging all the time, is no more. He gallops when called, he gets excited for feeding times, his eyes are bright, and he has actually lost weight. I switch between the beef and the chicken with no problem. I am so thrilled with the remarkable difference in Jeb.


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    Waffles Approved

    Waffles was not happy with almost any food that we tried for several years. You could tell he did not feel good. After about a year on Freshpet he is doing great and really happy to eat every meal.

    Jim, pet parent to Waffles

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    great product

    My boy Rooney had a weight problem and I tried everything including science diet nothing worked, finally tried fresh pet and 5 months later BOOM! He's at 24.6 lbs down from 33.3 lbs, one good meal a day and a couple of good walks and the results speak for themselves!!

    Danny, pet parent to Rooney

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    My dog loves it!

    My German Shepherd would not eat no matter what I tried feeding him. He was under weight for his size. Thanks to Fresh Pet, he has been eating now going on four days in a row. I’m really happy that he has been eating, and I know he is getting nutritious food.


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    Finally eating and gaining weight

    My year old husky had a rough time, he constantly had diarrhea or just refused to eat. We went through a years worth of various dog food to only have the diarrhea return. He was underweight, only 45 pounds. Decided to try Freshpet, he has gained weight and is always ready to eat. He has gained 6 pounds and is now a happy dog.


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    Thank YOU!!!

    I bought your product about five weeks ago. My dog is about 20 lbs and I had given up on him eating any dog food--period. Now, he totally loves his food and his digestion is much better. He eats all of his food---never happened before. Thanks so much.


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    Great food for picky eaters!

    I adopted my golden retriever from our shelter last week. I have tried 5 different high quality dog kibble brands, but she wouldn’t touch it. Finally I tried the Freshpet and she LOVES it! I can rest easy knowing that my sweet dog is getting the nutrients she needs. Thank you so much!


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    Best dog food

    My dog loves this food!! He has so much more energy than before. He is 13 years young. I would definitely recommend this food.

    Pet parent to Bailey

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    Mona LOVES it

    My 11yo mixed breed, Mona seemed bored with her food and was also having some bowel issues. So we tried Freshpet. Oh my goodness, it's like heaven to her! Absolutely loves it. And no more bowel issues!

    Pet parent to Mona

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    Peanut my ChiChi

    Peanut is allergic to grain and as a small dog I worries about her getting the best food possible to ensure her energy levels stay high and she has a happy long life. Freshpet for small dogs grain free is doing just that! She won't eat anything else!

    Sarah, pet parent to ChiChi

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    Best choice ever for sensitive tummies

    We have had troubles finding foods for sensitive stomach dogs that our senior dog liked. She not only likes Fresh Pet, it has given her more energy. It is like it’s given back 10 years to her life. She’s like a new dog. We are so thankful for Fresh Pet for Sensitive Stomach.

    Pet parent to Razzie

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    Stopped our dog's itching immediately!

    Our black lab mix named Olive had itchy skin, was biting at her feet and legs, and licking her tummy. We tried everything. Nothing worked. We have two other dogs who eat nothing but Freshpet. One day my wife said, "the little dogs never seem to scratch and itch, why don't we try Olive on Freshpet?" So, we did. It was like flipping a switch. Her itching stopped, and we haven't looked back!

    Steve, pet parent to Olive

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    Great Ingredients

    My Waffles suffers from allergies had to change his diet and get him off the kibble. Since being on Freshpet his allergies are under control never again with kibble.

    Jenn, pet parent to Waffles

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    My Alusky Smokey is 4yrs old and the kindest and happiest baby ever! We had a hard time finding a dog food that didn't upset his stomach, or that he would be excited to eat. He quit eating consistently he would just nibble here and there. Finding Freshpet has been a blessing as he is eating and when he sees the bag, he gets excited! He loves it. His stomach doesn't get upset and his bowel movements are back to normal!

    Pet parent of Smokey

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    Great food!

    We have three large breed dogs (shepherd mix, poodle shepherd mix, American bulldog mix) and we use Freshpet as a dry food topper. It has helped the bulldog’s gastro issues immensely. Everyone seems to really like it, even the picky poodle mix.

    Shannon, pet parent to Axle

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    Finally, a food my dog will eat!

    My standard poodle stopped eating her high-quality, pricey kibble, decided it was no longer palatable, and lost weight as I scrambled to find something else. After numerous foods and expensive vets bills, I bought Freshpet. I was hesitant to try it as it seemed very similar to The Farmers Dog, which gave her diarrhea and led to another vet visit with lab tests. She went full boar on the Freshpet, no transitioning needed. She's putting on weight, is less anxious and just seems healthier.


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    Best Option!

    Our puggle, Blue, is very picky and we’ve experimented with a LOT of foods and he inhales this food every single meal. He loves it so much! Licks his lips after, his fur and allergies are so much better now and he gets excited seeing the bag come out of the fridge. Best decision ever to buy this!

    Beth, pet parent to Blue

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    The only food our dog will eat!

    Rosie is a Standard Poodle and a very picky eater. Poodles are very high energy and keeping her interested in food was always a challenge. Keeping he weight stable was very hard. We started her on Freshpet and she’s been a happy, healthy dog who eats all of her food. We are grateful for Freshpet.

    Dede, pet parent to Rosie

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    life saver

    My 15 year old poodle decided that he didn’t like his dry food anymore after having stomach issues the week before. The vet sent him home with prescription hill science wet food. He had never had wet & ate it the first day but not after that. So after cooking chicken rice & pumpkin…I tried this. He loves it & no stomach issues;


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    LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️

    My first time with this purchase. My Toy Poodle has always been picky so going through many brands of food and treats were costly of last ten years of his life. BUT NOW! My Poodle hears the sound of the bag opening and runs toward the sound with giving him two daily treats.


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    Only treats I’ll feed my puppy!

    I feel happy when I feed these treats to my puppy bulldog knowing they are healthy and nothing in it I don’t know about. I use all freshpet products For my puppy. And my puppy go NUTS for these treats and meal time! He could be outside dead asleep and if I say wanna come in for a treat he jumps up and runs in!


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    Roxie absolutely loves Freshpet Turkey Bacon

    Roxie inhales her Turkey Bacon and will dance up and down for it.


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    Unbelievable love!!!

    My Walker Coonhound and “Mexi-Mutt” cannot get enough. Heck! The cat loves her lil pieces too! We’ve only used the turkey bacon for a few days and already our Snickers (Coonhound) is standing at the fridge requesting it. (For the record, not a happy pup when I say “not yet”) It’s very l❤️ved in our home! Going to have to buy more, I’m sure. Thanks! Snickers Izzy (and Luuna, too).

    pet parent to Snickers & Izzy

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    Deliciousness to go

    Jackson is very dear to us. He likes your freshpet homestyle creations natural beef recipe. He licked clean his plate. Thank you as he has congestive heart ❤️ failure and it is important that he eat as healthy as possible.


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    Picky Old Dog Eating!

    I decided to try the patties. And so far they're a hit! I slice like normal whole meat chicken and cut into small bite sized bites and store the rest. Here's to hoping this keeps up!


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    Glad I switched

    I tried this as I could see the fresh ingredients- HE LOVES IT! Now he waits by his bowl at dinner time and im happy we found his new favorite!


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    So GOOD!

    I love this food for my dog! ONLY CON needs a bigger bag. Love that ... the ingredients are natural. I WILL DEFINITELY KEEP BUYING ❤. Only thing my picky eaters will eat.


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    Beyond Compare

    My wheaten terrier has been picky about her food, and has a very sensitive stomach. I've tried a variety of things with limited success, and then I found Freshpet Homestyle Creations. WOW! She gets so excited for meal time, licks her bowl clean, and has solid poops. The price is reasonable, and I can get it at my local Petsmart. Never going back–she's a happy girl!


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    Pup approved!

    Our red heeler rescue pup LOVES freshpet! Ever since we made the switch she patiently waits by the fridge for her food each evening. We feel good about feeding her fresh ingredients to keep her healthy and support her active lifestyle!


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    Your dog will love it

    l saw the ad about your product and decided to try it. Well it was a winner. My dog is so happy and healthier than ever before. I have given out samples to others that have dogs and they are having the same results. You must try it for the love of your life to be the most happiest dog on the block. It is so worth it.


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    My Whippet loves this

    I have seen this in the fridge for awhile, then bought a bag for my 7 year old Fussy Eater, a few months ago he loves it.


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    Long life

    Hank lived to a ripe old age of 20 eating this food.


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    After a few months he got his hair color back, Gods honest truth. His energy is high, he wants to play and based on how often he sits up, his soreness is also gone. He is now 15 and thriving. No meds, just the change in diet. I tell everyone I know with a dog this story. Now all three dogs get Freshpet. Outstanding.

    pet parent to Dennis

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    Sunny L O V E S Freshpet!

    Sunny is a rescued Silky Yorkshire Terrier. He is fanatic about getting his breakfast and dinner on time and he always dances in excitement whenever his food is being served.


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    more snuggles

    She’s a picky eater so a big bowl of dog food would sit without being touched. I only just started freshpet 4 days ago. Now she’s my shadow again and is smiling, literally! It’s like she is saying, “Finally mom, you got it.” Daisy was mad at me all this time and I didn’t know it!


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    thank you

    My dog was overweight, I began giving him one pound of this or one of the others a day. He lost fifteen pounds, gained a silky coat, has energy, and doesn't have digestive issues any longer.


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    My dog is eating like when he was a puppy!

    Our Westie, Rocky, is 15 and isn’t very interested in eating his normal food. So we tried Freshpet and we are so happy we did. He now loves to eat and it makes him so happy. Thank you for making our Senior boy excited to eat again.


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    Worked wonders!

    My dog has loved this from the first time I served it in Late oct. he was balding and fighting an infection at the time and was losing his appetite. Today he is happy, healthy, and fluffier!


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    awesome food

    I have a 4 year old 1.5lbs micro teacup chihuahua. She has many digestive issues and allergies This food really helps her out since it's fresh and all natural. I will never go back to canned food ever. This solved all her issues.


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    Saved my dog!

    My family got a 3 year old collie from a friend who had her on a dry food. Juliette wouldn’t touch it. I tried getting an expensive dry food to mix with it to wean her off it but she still wouldn’t eat. It had been 2 days at this point. I went to the pet store remembering they carried Freshpet. I am so happy to say, she ate every last bite. Thank you for making this product! I’ll feed nothing else to her.


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    Unbelievable benefits

    I bought this product 3 weeks ago for my Frenchie, she suffers from allergies ans switched dry foods 3 times over the last year with not much relief. I had enough and went fresh. In 3 weeks her itching has decreased and her coat has changed to silky smooth. Love this product and so does my baby.


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    Zoie loves this!

    Zoie is almost 15 and I’ve have her on a special diet for her mild stage 2 Kidney failure. She hated the food, didn’t eat very much and lost 10% of her body weight in 6 months. I switched her to Freshpet for small dogs and she is back to eating normally. Thanks Freshpet.


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    More time with my senior dog

    I have a 20yr old poodle who was suffering from seizures... Sadly I had been conferring with my vet and contemplating when to humanely euthanize my baby. I switched to your food, It worked, but what I didn't expect was a complete turnaround in his overall health and wellness!


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    My picky eater loves this

    My dog is a very picky eater, but not with this product. As soon as I set the bowl down she starts eating and licks her plate clean. I’ve tried other subscription fresh dog food brands, but my dog would always just sniff it and walk away. I’m so glad that I’ve finally found good and nutritious food that she loves.


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    my dog loves this

    He absolutely loves this dog food. We have no problem getting him to eat now. I love my dog and will continue to buy this food. It is working wonders for him. Thank You Freshpet for giving a great product. Highly recommend.


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    Life changing!

    I rescued this Pomeranian in Sept. 2017. She was a mess. I tried various dog foods and was frustrated that she would not eat. Then I discovered Freshpet. Wow! She took to it and looks forward to every feeding. And the best thing is… She is a healthy, vibrant Pomeranian. Thank you Freshpet!

    Pet parent to Tiny

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