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How Freshpet Nurtures Paws and the Planet

written by Freshpet

In the contemporary landscape of the pet food industry, Freshpet stands out not only for its commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious meals for pets, but also for its unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability. This detailed exploration delves into the multifaceted ways Freshpet is nurturing both pets and the planet, emphasizing its initiatives in rainwater conservation, clean energy, energy-efficient store fridges, locally sourced ingredients, and the creation of pet meals that exceed the highest standards.

How Freshet Helps the Environment

Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life, Freshpet strives to lessen its environmental impact while delivering fresh, healthy food for pets. To see just how much they prioritize the environment, check out the Freshpet 2023 Sustainability Report


Water Conservation and Management

Freshpet has integrated water conservation practices into its operations:

  • Innovative Wastewater Treatment: At Freshpet's Ennis, TX Kitchen, wastewater undergoes extensive purification, allowing it to be reused in cooling systems. As this process filters out residual vegetables, meat, and fat, it reduces the burden on local waste treatment facilities while simultaneously minimizing organic waste in landfills. The anaerobic digestion of this organic waste further diminishes Freshpet's carbon footprint.

  • Rainwater Harvesting: The company's facilities in Bethlehem, PA feature advanced rainwater harvesting systems. These systems capture rainwater in large underground reservoirs, which can store almost half a million gallons. This harvested water is primarily used for irrigating the company’s surrounding landscaping, including nurturing the shade trees they have planted. Through these methods, Freshpet significantly conserves water and mitigates the impact of water scarcity.

  • Reducing Stormwater Runoff: By harvesting rainwater, Freshpet also plays a crucial role in reducing stormwater runoff. This practice lessens peak flow loads to local waters and helps prevent streambank erosion. Moreover, it contributes to diminishing surface water contamination from various pollutants, including pesticides, sediment, metals, and fertilizers.


Commitment to Renewable Energy

Freshpet's dedication to using renewable energy is a cornerstone of its environmental initiatives:


  • Wind and Solar Energy: The Kitchens where Freshpet's food is produced, along with the refrigerators where it’s stored, are powered by electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. In 2022 alone, Freshpet purchased 69,124 MWh of renewable electricity. This significant investment in clean energy is a stride towards reducing the company’s CO2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.


  • Energy-Efficient Refrigeration: Freshpet’s refrigeration technology is at the forefront of energy efficiency. The company's refrigerators use the latest advancements, including LED lighting, highly efficient compressors, and non-ozone-depleting refrigerants. These features enable the refrigerators to operate on less energy than a standard 100-watt light bulb, with up to a 91% reduction in energy usage compared to older models.


Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

Freshpet's commitment to sustainability extends to the sourcing of its ingredients:


  • Supporting Local Farmers: Freshpet prioritizes sourcing ingredients from local farmers whose practices align with its environmental and labor values. This approach not only fosters community well-being, but also reduces transportation needs and waste. Freshpet’s partnerships with these farmers ensure that the ingredients in its products are fresh, supporting both local economies and the planet.


Freshpet’s Dedication to Pet Health and Nutrition

Freshpet’s commitment to pets is characterized by its focus on providing meals that are both nutritious and delicious:


  • Fresh, Natural Ingredients: Each Freshpet meal is crafted from fresh, natural ingredients, offering pets a diet that is tasty while staying balanced and wholesome. The freshness of these ingredients ensures that pets receive the best in terms of both flavor and nutrition. Freshpet emphasizes how important it is to find the best dog food brands for your pet!


  • Expertly Formulated Recipes: Freshpet’s recipes are scientifically formulated by veterinary nutritionists. This expertise ensures that each meal meets the specific nutritional needs of pets, providing them with a diet that better supports their health and well-being.


  • Environmentally Conscious Production: The production of these meals occurs in environmentally responsible, landfill-free kitchens. Freshpet’s commitment to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner further underscores its dedication to the well-being of the planet.


In summary, Freshpet’s holistic approach to nurturing both pets and the planet sets an exemplary standard in the pet food industry. By harmonizing environmental sustainability with the production of high-quality, nutritious meals, Freshpet embodies corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. Through its innovative practices and commitment to quality, Freshpet is not only catering to the needs of pets, but also contributing positively to the health of our planet.


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